The #1 Mistake About Welcome Bonuses

Any online casino enthusiasts out there know well enough that welcome bonuses is the number one thing that new players look for in the chase of the right place to play at.

Surely, game selections, designs, layouts, cheap and fast payouts and what have you all play important roles in people choosing an online casino to call home. Yet nothing overrules any of the others as do proper welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses are the very bribes of the internet. And that’s that!

Yet, despite the seemingly magnetic pull of welcome bonuses, people sometimes throw themselves head-first into any, on paper, good offer. But there are caveats.

Online casinos are no charities. They’re businesses, and hence welcome bonuses are part of their business plan. Surely, welcome bonuses are overall expenses in their books. Still, there are ways to be fooled, and there is one thing in particular where welcome bonuses appear more alluring than they in fact are. The answer spells time commitment.

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I have been in the industry for quite some time. Apart from that, I am also an avid online casino player. Few things causes me to relax and enjoy my free time as do my favorite online casino games. And, naturally, to make my hard earned money last longer, good welcome bonuses are means to last longer.

Having said that, the shinier welcome bonuses tend to be the most dangerous ones as they tie you up. 300 or 400 percent welcome bonuses tend to force you into a longevity you may not have initially signed up for. Any bad run of yours may end up costing much more than the actual bonus itself.

What we are talking about here is the wagering requirement per Canadian dollar. The lower the wagering requirement for welcome bonuses, the better off you are. In such instances you need not suffer through abnormal lengths of bad runs, which at the same time commit you from an odds perspective in order to claim your welcome bonuses. 300 or 400 percent welcome bonuses (or even 500 or 1000 percent ones, too, for that matter!) tend to have much difficult wagering requirements.

If the welcome bonuses of 300 or 400 percent require you to wager your stake by 40x and you have deposited C$1000 (Link:, then that’s a good C$40 grand! That’s a lot of C$10 bets. That’s a lot of C$100 bets, too. I have personally come across instances where the chasing of seemingly generous welcome bonuses have set the player back well into the five figures. The only times such welcome bonuses suffice is if you are a regular at what your online casino anyhow. If now, you near almost do better in choosing lower welcome bonuses with lower wagering requirements. In such instances, “shopping and hopping” around quickly pays off.

So, all in all for this episode: welcome bonuses are fantastic ways to prolong your favorite online casino experience. Just make sure those very same welcome bonuses don’t end up tying your leg.

Petra Siebjvitsj

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